Managing GST Tax Codes

MASTERING GST TAX CODES training course is designed to provide attendees with an understanding of the GST tax codes and how to apply. The desired outcome of this course is for attendees to attain a working knowledge of GST tax codes as well as an understanding of the impact that GST might have on their business.



After completing the training, the participants should be able to understand the function of the GST tax codes.



This training is highly recommended but not limited to decision makers, accountants and financial officers.



Participants are required to attend basic understanding of GST before attending this course.



This course includes explanations, updates and examples of the application of the basic elements of GST in the business.



MODULE 1: Understanding GST tax codes

  • Supply tax codes
  • Purchases tax codes
  • Tax codes for adjustment

MODULE 2: Operational matters

  • Blocked input tax
  • Bad debt relief
  • De-Minimis Limit
  • Disbursement and Reimbursement
  • Record keeping

MODULE 3: GST documentations

  • GST-03 return
  • GST-04 return
  • GST return amendment
  • Payment & Method of payment
  • Time of payment

MODULE 4: Director General updates

  • Updates and amendments