Effective Leadership for 21st Century Leaders

This training will define the kind of effective leadership needed to address operations and management in the 21st century.  The 21st century leader must know what they should do, say and act to be an effective leader.  This course is designed to provide a foundation for the individuals to strengthen their capacity and character to motivate others to take action for the same goals.



After completing the training, the participants should be able to:

  • Identify common qualities of a great leader
  • Understand the meaning of effective leadership
  • Envision themselves as a great 21st Century leader
  • Chart their journey towards becoming a great leader
  • Emulate personalities of great leaders
  • Create and lead a high-performing team
  • Build an ethical and effective strategy
  • Use rewards to drive superior performance
  • Create a meaningful and positive work environment



New executives, team leaders, newly promoted managers or supervisors, staff on the path to be managers or supervisors.



This course includes extensive use of case studies, debriefing, feedback, games and activities, group discussions, lectures, sharing session, role-play, simulations and group presentations.



MODULE 1: Common Qualities

  • My inspirational leader
  • Positive traits of great leaders
  • Common downfall of leaders
  • Qualities I must have as a great leader

MODULE 2: Basics of Effective Leadership

  • What is leadership
  • What is effective leadership
  • Personality of effective leaders
  • Difference between boss and leader
  • Who can be a leader?

Module 3: Journey as Great Leader

  • Envision a great leader
  • What great leaders do
  • What great leaders say
  • How great leaders act
  • My plan to be a great leader
  • What am I missing
  • Leadership development plan

MODULE 4: Building High Performing Team

  • Difference between team and high performing team
  • Why you need to find the right people
  • How to attract and select the right people
  • What leaders need to do to nurture their team
  • How to get people to work for you for free

MODULE 5: Rewards and Recognition

  • Tangible vs intangible rewards
  • Financial vs non-financial rewards
  • Recognition and appreciation
  • Rewards and awards strategy

MODULE 6: Great leaders build great workplace

  • Vision setting
  • Open communication
  • Love and care
  • Work, life, play
  • Make every day like your first day